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Facts & Figures

Umastar is the life’s work of designer Andrea Lopes born in 1980 and she grew up in the municipality Umari in the North-East of Brazil. She comes from a traditional farmers family. She made the first introduction to the fashion world In 1994.
After her high school, she followed various courses related to fashion, including “cutting and sewing” and other.
She was working in a shoe manufacturing company, and she learned the basics of the shoe production and knew already then that this, her dream was that they ever wanted. But unfortunately that company had to shut the doors.
So she came in a textile manufacturing company as a production seamstress until she met the man of her life in 2004, a Belgian (Philippe Kiedos) who visited Brazil for the first time.
She took a big step in her life and decided to follow Philippe together with her son Carlos to Belgium, and married some time later.
During the first years in Belgium (2004-2007) she followed a lot of education courses to learn the Dutch language.
After that, they had different jobs among other things as in a Perfumery, help in a corporate kitchen, seamstress in an industrial laundry and in 2008 she received the opportunity to work in an orthopaedic workshop.

In 2009 she received the opportunity from the Manager to follow a selected training for “shoe design” in Lokeren, of course she has taken this opportunity, because her dream came ever closer.
During this 2 year course, she has learned the finesse going from shoe design, the basic models to copy reads, make patterns, cutting and assembling and finishing a shoe, she also developed its first prototype.
She graduated with great distinction (90%). One of her first designs receive a nomination from the “Internationalen PLW-Design – Wettbewerb” in the Pirmassens Messe in Germany where she finished on the 7th place.
Two years ago, she presented her collection on the GDS International Shoe fair in Düsseldorf. She had a stand in the theme hall “Design Attack”.


“Umastar” is a new brand for shoes with close feeling for creativity, fantasy, fashion design, style, where comfort comes first.

The design studio was founded in 2009, and currently has 2 employees. Andreia Lopes and her husband Philippe Kiedos engineer by profession and with many years of experience in both, production and Supply Chain Management, in various sectors, from the glass industry, chemicals, plastics, automotive to nutrition.

They have invested in modern machinery which enables them to design all prototypes here in Belgium.

For all the materials, its Andreia herself, to choose the best path to materials at a most favourable price, suppliers come mainly from Germany, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands and Belgium.

The series production takes place in small traditional family companies in Portugal whose production process similar to ours, where crafts and quality always come on the first place.. Our collection is produced only in small numbers.

During the production in Portugal, Andreia visit and audit the production locations to assure the quality of the end result. “Umastar” currently focuses on the domestic market, both for individuals and for medium-sized companies, but would limit their offerings to a few shops by area ever so that the exclusivity is guaranteed. Expansion to other regions in Europe is certainly a possibility.


All beginnings are difficult and certainly in this industry. Through market research and market trends, we believe in the future of our product.

We are currently working with the launch on the local market but are behind the scenes, also hard at work to bring our collection beyond our small Belgian borders.

Our target groups are the professional retailers who believe in our product and who wish to work to make the “Umastar” label a success.

Of course, we don’t forget the individuals and keep our “Brand Store” in Mol open.

Facts for this target group: each shoe inherited from our collection has a unique style of this Brazilian Designer. Because the artisan, each pair also its exclusivity touch.

In may 2014, she opened her own exclusive “Store” in Mol, where you will find all current models can come visit.

All our shoes are equipped with leather inside lining, latex midsole and soft upper material so as to be able to offer a shoe with the maximum confort. Plastics are only used when no other alternative is (e.g.: sole of baskets).

The name “Umastar”

The name Umastar arose from the roots of Andreia, and the star in the flag of Brazil (Star) and her home village Umari where (Uma).

Very important are the colors of the flag (yellow, blue, white and green) the colors of our universe that also coming back in the label.


The designer Andreia Lopes creates its designs full of conviction so that the result meets the demands of the consumers.

The whole design is developed in the own “Umastar” Studio, whereby each product a unique creative character grows, and with an eye on all facets, ranging from design, production possibilities to confort of the finished product, and it always remain affordable for the consumer.

UMASTAR | uw droom wordt werkelijkheid!